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Widespread Velella Velella Wash-up on Local Beaches

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In a remarkable natural event, hundreds of “Velella velella”, often termed sea rafts or purple sails, have found their way onto the shorelines of our local beaches. This afflux is attributed to the prevailing easterly winds combined with significant wave action, which directed these marine creatures towards the land.

“Velella velella”, known for their intense blue colour and sail-like structure that allows them to catch the wind and propel over the ocean surface, are hydrozoans that are generally harmless to humans. However, caution is advised as they can provoke allergic reactions if they come into contact with open wounds. The recent wash-up was notably observed last Tuesday in the area around Cabo Cervera, with photographic evidence kindly provided to Proyecto Mastral by Julio Jesús Añel.

This event has captured the attention of both locals and scientists alike, providing a unique opportunity to observe these usually pelagic organisms up close. While the presence of these creatures is a mesmerizing sight, the public is urged to avoid contact, especially if they have any open wounds, to prevent potential allergic reactions. Stay updated with the latest on this and other local occurrences by following Objetivo Torrevieja.

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