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Animals in Transit Protection Law Approved

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Spain´s Council of Ministers has approved a Royal Decree on animal health and protection regulations during transport, which repeals the previous regulations of 2016, and introduces improvements in the welfare conditions of livestock and requirements for professionals.

The new text, which combines aspects of animal health and welfare legislation, clarifies the types of authorisations required to carry out the transport of animals. It also includes the circumstances under which a movement is considered an economic activity, establishes as mandatory for all authorised transporters to have a contingency plan for possible unforeseen situations, and expands the national database of animal transports, which will include new operators such as people with certified qualifications in the field, organisers who export animals and operators of ports and airports.

The training requirements are also extended to certain groups that participate in the transport of animals, such as the personnel who handle them and load them in the means of transport, port and airport operators and the crew of ships.

In relation to the transport of animals in cattle ships, the new royal decree reinforces the conditions for carrying out said activity and the conditions of the means of transport.

Likewise, it incorporates the requirements that ports and airports must meet for the transport of live animals, which will have to have a veterinary service, trained personnel and a standard work plan.

The new standard, which is part of the legislative package to accompany the strategic plan for the application of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), will mean a great advance to improve animal welfare during transport, an activity of great relevance in Spain, and it is given response to the recommendations made in this regard by community instances, within the current regulatory framework.

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