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Read the Costa Blanca Daily News – Tuesday 14 November 2023

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Plastics recycling plan

The Valencia regional government, with the help of European Union funding, has announced a project to accelerate the biodegradation of different types of plastic through the addition of microorganisms.

The objective of this development, called COMBOOST, is the investigation of new composting methods and procedures, both in plastics considered biodegradable and in non-biodegradable ones, by adding microorganisms that stimulate the decomposition of these materials.

The organic fertilizer produced is of high quality and can be used to improve the performance of the land in the agricultural sector and in gardening, without causing toxicology or contamination problems.

Food fraudsters in court

The trial is taking place in Alicante against five members of an association dedicated to providing food to the needy, who allegedly sold the food donated to the association for their personal gain.

The alleged fraud took place over a period of two years and has an estimated value of 120,000 euro.

The prime defendant was the President of the association between 2018 and 2019, the remaining four defendants worked for the NGO, now all facing up to 4 years in prison.

Palace refurbishments

With the investment of 1.3 million euro, Jacarilla Council hopes to be able to begin work at the end of the year to stop the deterioration of the Marquis of Fontalba Palace, and recover some rooms of the iconic building to enable them to be opened to the public.

The town hall will be contributing 150,000 euro, the remaining funding come the Alicante Provincial council, as the total investment would exhaust the entire municipal budget.

The Fontalba Palace is located in lavish gardens which the town hall has maintained since 1993, the building being gifted to the municipality in 2007.

It “was a poisoned gift,” says the mayor, Andrés Moñino, due to the “high cost of maintenance and restoration that it entails for a municipality like Jacarilla, with just over 2,000 inhabitants and barely 1.3 million annual budget”. However, “we are going to work to recover one of the most important jewels, not of our municipality, but of the entire region.”

Bar opening hours plan revealed

The Ministry of Justice in the Valencia region has approved the order that regulates the schedules of public shows, recreational activities, sociocultural activities, and public establishments such as bars and restaurants for the year 2024.

The Minister of Justice and the Interior, Elisa Núñez, has highlighted the importance of “there being reasonable regulation of activities dedicated to leisure, since they are part of an economic sector that employs many people, so that they are compatible with the due “respect for the right to rest of the residents of the premises where these activities and shows take place.”

Elisa Núñez has asked the local councils for “maximum rigor and collaboration within the framework of their powers”, because they also “play a very important role, especially in the issue of terraces and those shows that are held on public roads”.

In general terms, café bars will have to close at 01:30, grocery stores at 1:00, and play centres at midnight, amongst many other restrictions.

Survey reveals our state of health

In the Valencia region, overweight and obesity affects 30% of the child and adolescent population (2 to 17 years old) with a higher prevalence in males (32.8% compared to 26.1% in girls, according to the periodic study released by the Ministry of Health this week.

The survey data collection was carried out between the months of May and December 2022, with a total of almost 10,000 interviews carried out with people aged 15 or over and more than 1,500 corresponding to people under 15 years of age.

In relation to the dimension that most affects quality of life, the presence of pain or discomfort affects 1 in every four people aged 15 or older and in a greater proportion of women than men.


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