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La Tomata Valenciana Gains Prestigious Quality Mark

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VALÈNCIA, 20 Mar. (EUROPA PRESS) – La ‘Tomata Valenciana,’ one of Valencia’s agricultural jewels, has been granted the prestigious Calidad ‘CV’ mark from the Generalitat, after nearly four years of coordinated efforts by the COMAV Institute of the Universitat Politècnica de València. Awarded for its unparalleled flavor, nutritional properties, and unique morphology, the ‘Tomata Valenciana’ is considered a genuine product of Valencia’s agriculture. Cultivated mainly in regions like l’Horta, Camp de Túria, Ribera Alta, Ribera Baixa, Alt Palancia, and la Canal de Navarrés, this label stands as a synonym for quality and agro-food safety, aiming to minimize price volatility and guarantee profitability for the Valencian farmers who produce it, as highlighted by Salvador Soler, coordinator at the COMAV Institute. The achievement of this quality mark is the result of work that began in 2020, with initiatives including the formation of the Associació de Productors i Comercialitzadors de la Tomata Valenciana and the drafting of quality regulations. Current projects under Salvador Soler, such as the Merestov project from the Agroalnext program, seek to enhance the ‘Tomata Valenciana’s’ resilience and sustainability by improving its genetic structure against diseases and optimizing water and nutrient use. These endeavors aspire to bolster the economic and social standing of the ‘Tomata Valenciana’ as a profitable agricultural product for Valencia’s farmers.

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