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Climate Action Group in San Javier Builds Biodiversity Towers to Provide New Homes for Protected Migratory Birds

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In San Javier, a climate action group has initiated the construction of three biodiversity towers designed to provide around 600 new ‘homes’ for protected migratory birds such as swifts, swallows, and house martins. These birds, which previously nested in the now-demolished Lagomar hotel, will have the chance to build their nests close to their original habitat through these wooden towers. Each tower is equipped with the capacity for 200 nest boxes and is strategically placed at a height of between three and five metres to accommodate the nesting habits of birds such as the pale swift (‘Apus pallidus’).

María Cruz Ferreira, the regional secretary of Sustainability and Climate Action, highlighted the significance of these towers in providing a nesting place and preventing potential problems with these migratory birds building nests in nearby buildings. Noting that these birds are highly sociable and breed in colonies, Ferreira explained that the loss of their nesting places poses a significant threat. The project, predominantly financed by the European Regional Development Fund, underscores the importance of artificial nesting boxes as a safe method for protecting this species, which faces the main threat of losing their nesting sites. The initiative aims to mitigate the challenges presented by the demolition of buildings and smoother constructions, ensuring the survival and breeding of these migratory bird colonies.

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