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Contentious Road Across Nacimiento River Mouth in Campoamor Removed, Replaced by Wooden Footbridge

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In the heart of Campoamor, Orihuela, the remnants of a contentious road that once lay across the mouth of the Nacimiento River has been removed. This marks a significant shift in the area’s landscape, with authorities opting to replace the asphalt with a wooden footbridge. The decision follows Coastal authorities’ indications of the road’s infringement on legal and environmental directives, sparking a mixture of frustration and compliance among local residents and government entities.

The move, initiated after the Coastal authorities warned the City Council of its impending actions, has reignited debates over urban planning, environmental stewardship, and community needs. While some residents mourn the loss of direct access facilitated by the road, others see the footbridge as a step towards reconciling with nature’s demands and legal stipulations. The situation is exacerbated by a continued tussle between local government representatives and state agencies, leaving many to question the balance between development, legal obligations, and the will of the community.

Despite the legal backing and environmental rationale, there’s palpable discontent among the Campoamor community, with many pointing to lengthier commutes and a perceived disregard for local convenience. This has led to demonstrations and demands for clarity on the City Council’s stance regarding maintenance and permission for the demolition, signaling a broader demand for alignment between governance, environmental directives, and public sentiment.

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